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“A must read for anyone who cares about the future of America. Lewis does an amazing job of illustrating just how far we’ve strayed from the course set by our founders.”

~Vince Flynn
NEW YORK TIMES Best-selling Author

“Jason Lewis has done a yeoman’s job in explaining the constitutional principles that made us the world’s freest and richest nation and how abandonment of those principles is proving to be our undoing.”

~ Walter E. Williams
John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics
George Mason University

“Great book, and about time! Jason Lewis lays out the primary debate of the modern era. Have states’ rights been usurped by a massive, activist federal government, aided by liberal courts? The real question now is: will one state (or one governor) have the guts to stand up and challenge Washington?

~Senator Rod Grams
Ret. (R-MN)

“[Jason Lewis] has been a force in Minnesota for two decades, lacerating Democrats, centrist Republicans and conservative apostates. He is to Minnesota Republican politics what radio titan Walter Winchell was to New York politicians: a force capable of delivering migraines.”

~The Washington Post